On June 7, 2023 at 1:00 pm, Fergal Coulter from Complex Materials group at ETH Zurich will give a talk on “Multi-axis additive manufacturing – printing upon dynamic and non-planar substrates” in the Ellehammer seminar room Ø28-600-3 at the University of Southern Denmark.

The presentation will focus on multi-axis additive manufacturing techniques used to fabricate customized bio-hybrid implantable devices and external prosthetic rehabilitation aids. Example objects are detailed, such as patient-specific prosthetic heart valves and cellular macro-encapsulation devices. The design and engineering of custom 6 and 7 axis 3D printers with computer vision hardware, required for their manufacture is also outlined. Multi-material objects with unique properties are realized by combining multiple deposition techniques – direct ink writing, spray deposition, micro-jetting and/or thermoplastic pellet extrusion – with laser-based 3D scanning techniques. Examples include inflatable minimum energy structures containing bonded layers with differing levels of stress; living bio-inks printed over the surfaces of complex multi-curved mandrels and selectively permeable membranes that are found to encourage cellular on-growth.

A zoom link is available upon request to info@softrobotics.dk.